(The Twig)


The Twig is our proudest achievement. It utilises the very latest in Googles Map V3 API and Fusion Table API technology to enable any user to add content to the map from their phone, tablet or computer. It is designed for tourists and local experts to share the hidden gems (or warn against the disappointing pitfalls) through a simple on-map form.

Its real beauty is that it is all captured and shown in realtime, so any other map user can see what's being recommended or warned against immediately. We take the best contributions and showcase them in our Mukaranga map.

We are also working on versions for users to be able to capture live game sightings, potholes and crime hotspots.

  • The map is geo-located to the users location, saving them time if they want to capture a recent or current experience on the map.
  • One-click on any location on the map opens up a short online form.
  • The form includes mandatory and non-mandatory fields such as place name, like / dislike, description, why they liked and a simple five-star rating system.
  • It also allows users to upload photos from their phones or computers.
  • This front-end interfaces directly with our online content management tool, enabling us to edit, update and credit contributions.
  • The Twig is also optimised for use on a mobile phone, uniquely enabling people to add content 'on the road'.

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