Mukaranga for mobile


Mobile phones (and tablet computers) typically have smaller screens, a different interface (such as touch-screen), different browsers and a slower internet connection compared to computers, so we have created a version of Mukaranga specifically for these form factors.

It has the all the same content as Mukaranga for large screens but we have optimised it in the following ways:

  • Reduced on-screen menu options to only provide the most important functionality.
  • For example it doesn't include Googles Streetview or satellite view options (too slow to load wirelessly) or pan (this can be done via the touch screen).
  • We do not run adverts on the map because of reduced screen real estate and advert load times.
  • Attraction details are displayed via a tabbed infowindow because most mobile browsers do not recognise scroll bars.
  • Optimised (i.e. data-lite) icons and images to improve page load speeds and reduce data access costs.
  • Uses the phones internal GPS for geo-location.
  • Utilises asymmetric javascript loading to increase map load speed.
  • Optimised font style sheets, menu and image sizes.
  • Contact details (e.g. website address, email and telephone number) integrated with phone's operating system for one-touch dialing etc.
  • However it still includes: drop down menu layer selection, descriptions, photos, contact details, routing and search functions.

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