Mukaranga for large screens


Our Mukaranga map for large screens is our flagship proprietary map, hosted at (our website for those planning a trip to South Africa). It includes our own information as well as content from third parties and directly from users. Because it is designed to be viewed on a large screen with a faster internet connection (compared to through a phone) it includes the most extensive range of functionality and on-screen options.

The version of Mukaranga that has been optimised for mobile phones is described and can be viewed here.

  • The Mukaranga map highlights the best attractions and high crime areas in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
  • Users can select to view layers from an integrated drop down menu that cover: Going Out, Nature, Culture, Pitstops, Shopping, Drives and Safemap.
  • These layers are only displayed when the users selects to see them (improving map load times) and the layers are colour coded.
  • When a user clicks on a marker they can see our descriptions, photos and contact details.
  • The map is geo-located, which means that it 'knows' where the user is (with their permission) and zooms in to their local area.
  • The user can get a route from their location to any attraction, place or point on the map.
  • The user can also search for our attractions or any other place on the map using a simple search box with predictive typing.
  • We constantly update the map using our back-end online and realtime content management tool.
  • We also use input directly from clients, including through The Twig to add new attractions and edit existing ones.
  • We run Google Adsense adverts on the page to monetize the map.
  • Additionally the map includes all the normal Google Map functionality (zoom, pan, StreetView and satellite view).

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