How much will it cost me?

Our special offer is for one map for a once-off charge of R49. We build your map for you and, if you want it, you pay for it. If you would prefer for your map not to run our Google Adsense adverts, there is an additional once of fee of ZAR180 (about USD $20). We will build for you the normal map and then invoice you for this amount. When payment has been received we will provide the version with no adverts within 2 working days.

For more complicated projects we have a number of pricing options depending upon a number of variables, such as: whether you want your own bespoke map; whether you are happy to allow our adverts on your map; whether you want additional functionality (such as geo-location, routing or user-generated content etc.). So it is probably easiest to get in touch today and we can have a chat. The one rule we (and Google have) is that the map must be free to use by the end-user.

How are your maps different from building my own Map using Google Maps?

Our maps use exactly the same content and much of the same functionality. However we believe they are an enhanced version because:

1. There is no embedding or coding required (we provide you with the entire web page or host it ourselves for you to link to).

2. Our maps are geo-located (this means they automatically know where the user is, if s/he gives his permission for this to be tracked).

3. Our maps provide routes from the user to your business without the user having to leave the map page.

4. Our maps allow you to very simply add your own details (beyond a name and description), including additional information and a photo. These are presented to the user in a simple and attractive format optimised for a phone or tablet.

5. Our map page is optimised to view on a mobile phone or tablet whereas if you embed your map in to a page on your website it is unlikely that it will be big enough or coded correctly to interact well with different devices.

What other information will be shown on my map?

The content (for example street names, features etc.) are entirely generated from standard Google Maps. We utilise the best of the other Google functionality (such as view, zoom, streetview and pan options), ensuring that these do not clutter the screen when viewing from a phone. The only other element is the Adsense advert we may run on your map (please see FAQ below).

Will I get listed on Google Maps or Google Places?

Not from building one of our maps, although we encourage you to do this becaus the richer Google Maps are, the better for everyone! Get listed here.

All the maps and data are internet-based. What if users are in an area that doesn’t have any network coverage?

Network coverage in most countries is pretty comprehensive and most places users would ever visit should have network coverage. Even if users are in an area that doesn't have any coverage, they may never notice. That is because when users start a trip their phone downloads the relevant route and any of the map information they select. So, if they don’t deviate wildly from the route or request new information, they actually don’t need constant network coverage.

What is meant by ‘live’ maps?

Unlike a normal GPS all our maps are hosted online as layers on Google Maps. Therefore any changes we, you (as a client using our online management tools) or a user (such as adding a marker if your map has that functionality) makes to them shows immediately to anyone who visits that map (or if they are already looking at it, when they refresh).

Does it really work on all phones?

Almost. The maps do work on most modern smartphones, but the functionality and appearance will vary slightly between makes, browsers and operating systems. These are constantly being launched, updated and debugged so we can not guarantee performance because it is out of our control.The minimum requirement for a phone is that it needs to: a) be able to access the internet. b) have an internal GPS (actually this isn’t essential but will help a lot). c) have a compatible operating system (such as apple's iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry). It will also work on modern 'tablet' computers running the same operating systems.

Will it work on my PC, Tablet or iPad?

Almost certainly. Because our maps are based on Google Maps they will work on pretty much any device that has internet access and an internal GPS locator. Similar to phones, the performance and appearance on tablets will depend upon the operating system and browser.

Will the map provide spoken and on-screen directions like a SatNav?

The map will not provide spoken instructions. We can set up the map to show a directions panel, but this is problematic on a small screen, such as a mobile phone. So our standard map products only draw the route on the map for the user to follow.

What personal safety warranties, guarantees or insurance does Satpack Travel provide?

Absolutely none. Zip. Diddly. Nada. Please see our disclaimer for further information.

What are m.apps?

We use Google Maps functionality to create our own maps that sit on top of, or are layers upon, the normal Google Maps. These are accessed from your mobile phone over the internet. We call them m.apps because they are mobile map applications. You can select which and how many ‘layers’ or m.apps you want to view at any given time.

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content (or UGC) is the new buzz word in marketing and social media. Essentially it's about getting other people to write stuff, take pictures or make videos that is useful or interesting to some other people. And because they do it on your map / website / profile it draws more people to look at what you are marketing. Additionally it's a useful source of feedback (positive and negative) and suggestions that might be interesting to you or your customers. For example restaurant reviews or unique local attractions.

What is The Twig?

The Twig is a showcase map we've created for travellers to add places that they like or dislike in Southern Africa.

What is Mukaranga?

Definition. Shona word for honeyguide, or indicator bird (family Indicatoridae). Honeyguides are named for a remarkable habit: they guide humans (and, reportedly, honey badgers) to bee colonies and their honey. Wikipedia reference.

We've taken this helpful little rascal as the brand for our own maps because we also hope to provide guidance from the sky to the 'honey' through our maps that can be accessed through any smartphone, tablet or computer. Have a look at our Mukaranga website.

How do you make money?

We have several revenue streams. We run adverts on our maps (and the maps we build for clients) using Googles Adsense service. When a map user clicks on an advert we receive a portion of the amount paid by the advertiser to Google. If we build maps for clients, but they don't want our adverts running on them, they must pay us a nominal fee. We also charge larger clients on a project or hourly basis. Some clients also pay to be on our maps.

What is Google Adsense and what adverts will run on our map?

Google Adsense is a service provided by Google to run adverts across their content network (for example the small Google ads you see in various parts of third party websites). We utilise them on our maps, where they don't interfere with the customer experience (for example we don't run them on pages access by phones because the screen is too small and slows down load times). We run a variety of sizes and formats, but typically these adverts will be relatively small and un-intrusive. The content of the adverts is controlled by Google, but will conform to their strict guidelines (no abusive content, no explicit or illegal services advertised etc.).

What are the terms and conditions?

These depend upon the type of product you purchase or obtain from us. For a full list, please contact us. We provide absolutely no warranties, guarantees and insurance regarding the performance of our maps or any liability for outcomes from using them. Please see our disclaimer for more information. For our maps, we do have some common terms and conditions, which include (but are not limited to):

  • 1. We will not build maps for any illegal or pornographic businesses or websites. This is entirely at our discretion.
  • 2. We will not build special offer maps for businesses requiring any bespoke development or adding multiple locations. These services are only available for paid projects
    3. We utilise Google Adsense to run adverts on some maps, as shown on this live example. You must not violate the terms of Googles Adsense terms of use.
  • 4. We have limited control over the content of the adverts, but Google applies strict controls to ensure the adverts and the sites they link to are respectable and legal.
  • 5. We earn all the revenue owing from Google when a user clicks on an advert.
  • 6. You are not permitted to click on the adverts because Google may construe this as a fraudulent click (to increase payments to ourselves).
  • 7. You / your webmaster are not allowed to edit or alter any of the code provided.
  • 8. We reserve the right to remove maps, images, content and any other material we create or host without notice.
  • 9. We reserve the right to alter the format of the advert, logo and other map functionality from time to time (for example for Google Map upgrades).
  • Please contact us for full terms of use or if you have any questions.