About us


Satpack Travel was established in 2008 by Rob Maclean. We are based in Johannesburg and are proudly South African but we have a global network including technical development support resources in India.

Core Competencies

  • Building dynamic, live, user-friendly electronic maps
  • Google Maps development
  • Fusion Tables development
  • Mobile mapping solutions
  • Geo-location and geo-marketing
  • Monetizing map real estate


    Satpack Travel's original concept was to be a travel agency with a difference - to organise itineraries (including accommodation reservations) and rent GPS devices to clients that were preloaded with their routes, attractions and destinations. Our objective was, and still is, to give visitors to South Africa the confidence to get off the beaten track. In 2010 we changed direction, responding to client feedback and the emergence of new technology (especially the increased acceptance of Google Maps) which enables us to create maps that are: dynamic; updated realtime; available to everyone with internet access; contain rich-media; and are accessible through a normal phone. We decided to no longer book accommodation for clients because most people are happy to do this themselves and, heck, it bored the living daylights out of us. In 2011 we created the Mukaranga brand and website which focuses on providing maps to the general public and separated our business-to-business project arm (under Satpack Travel) which concentrates on creating bespoke and client-focused maps for third parties.

    About the founder

      Rob Maclean is a British National, educated at Oxford University and cut his teeth in financial services before moving permanently to South Africa with his wife in 2005. Our passion is travel. We have visited more than 50 countries worldwide, on every continent. We have slummed it with backpackers, faked it in luxury and enjoyed generous corporate expense accounts. We draw on this experience and conversations with fellow travellers to understand exactly what it is that the modern traveller wants, regardless of budget. Although we now prefer to travel in a bit more comfort, our spirit of adventure hasn't diminished and we believe both are compatible, with the correct advice. We have been travelling to Africa for 15 years and have visited 19 countries from Senegal to Namibia, from Mozambique to Uganda. We have been on more than 20 safaris, driven many, many thousands of kilometres and hiked in some of the most remote places on the continent. In South Africa we have travelled to every province, major city and tourist attraction, increasingly preferring to be more adventurous and get off-the-beaten track. This has opened our eyes to a whole new world in South Africa that most international tourists never see. And this world has magnificent scenery, deserted beaches, amazing value for money and real people offering hospitality like we’ve seen no-where else in the world.